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RECIPE: Finger Millet Flatbread (Mandva Roti)


(Makes 10 rotis)

  1. 10 tablespoons SaveAGram finger millet flour

  2. 2 tablespoons wheat flour or powdered flaxseed or powdered urad dal (choose whichever you prefer; the latter 2 will keep your rotis gluten-free)

(Whatever quantity you make, the ratio is 1 tbsp finger millet per roti, and 5 tbsps finger millet to 1 tbsp other flour of choice)


  1. Mix your flour of choice with the finger millet flour and add a little water to make a dough. Leave to rest for 10 mins.

  2. Roll out gently into flat circles. (If you find it is breaking up, stop rolling further.)

  3. Cook for a few minutes on a hot griddle or pan till it is well cooked and fluffs up.


  • Serve with dips or toppings like guacamole, mashed avocado, salad leaves, steamed broccoli etc. Some salsa like sauce is a good addition.


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