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Meet The Team

Saveagram is made possible only due to a team of volunteers, who believe in its mission. These people

are every ready to roll up their sleeves and help. These are people who join us regularly or adhoc when we reach out to them. We are blessed and unique in having these precious human beings as our team members. Due to space constraints on the page we are not able to show pictures of every one of us, but they know who they are and you will too when you get to know us more.  

Amala, Ninita, Gaiatri, Bavani and many others  

With her passion for all things natural and Organic, Amala founded SaveAGram to preserve a few beautiful villages with their sustainable methods of living and to nurture their organic agriculture passed down generations. 

Ninita joined Amala in this journey soon after and has spent many an hour moving SaveAGram forward, with her eye for detail and her dependable nature and ability to roll up her sleeves and do any work that is required. 

Gaiatri has been a boon in taking over our legal and finance reins and working on social media. Yes most of the posts you see in Instagram are curated by her.  Her legal background helps in ensuring that the fine lines are all read and due diligence is given to matters that arise during operations. 

Amala and ninita .jpg

Bavani is our more recent addition in terms of support. Her love for village life drew her to SaveAGram and her combined interest in social work and content writing is a wonderful combination that helps the content that goes into our more regular newsletters and other areas as required. 

Gaia and I at market .jpg
Ground Support

We at SaveAGram could not do what we are doing without the support of an amazing team.

Garhwal And Wayanad Support

The Garhwal location is supported by a team of school teachers who have set up a mission-based school in the mountains to provide quality education.

The Wayanad location is also supported by a similar team that run a tribal school in the area. 

Singapore  Support

In Singapore we are supported by many who come when needed like Vidhya Venkat, Ashvin (our delivery resource), Akhila, Bhanu and many others. 

India Support

We have been blessed by the work done by Vanamali Ashram, which we have leveraged on, for our own ground support teams.

We are also supported by by Manoj Menon of ICCOA and the Susagri team in all areas of procurement and shipping. 

Over the years we have had support from....

We have been blessed with a group of younger people, who have at different points of our journey come forward to help us with their creative ideas and talent.

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Shilpa was Amala's first brainstorming partner and came up with the wonderful name of 'SaveAGram'. She was also the initial creator of our website. 

Poorna simple one.JPG


Poorna chips in whenever she can with ideas for the website (which Amala tries to maintain), making brochures, spreading the word on social media, and anything else we might throw at her.

Bhavika Raghavan 2.jpg


Bhavika never says no - she does anything design-related we ask her to with a cheery smile. She has been the designer of our logo, transforming complex ideas from Poorna and the team into a lovely reality. She has designed all our labels and brochures.



Rheya spent the past 6 years in the Indian advertising industry, and recently completed her Masters in Digital Management from HyperIsland UK. She helped redesign the website.



Rishabh has worked with numerous startups. He comes with experience in design research, strategy, product management and UX. He helped redesign the website.

Most of those featured here are volunteers or have taken a small token contribution from us for their help. 

Our families, friends, and above all, our guests, are all a part of the SaveAGram family. Their unwavering support has kept the founding team going. Huge thanks to you all!

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