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Abundant with the lushest of greenery, intriguing with its almost-forgotten art forms and utterly captivating by its serene beauty - SaveAGram is excited to welcome you to Koilery, a village nestled deep within Wayanad, Kerala. The addition of this village in South India furthers SaveAGram's mission of supplementing villagers' incomes through an immersive cultural experience. As with our other villages in the Himalayas, by sharing culinary, cultural and living experiences in village homes, we aim to promote the local economy, arts, and above all - pride in the places these villagers call home. 


We welcomed our first guests here in November 2015 and our second in February 2016 on an unforgettable trip of island-discovering, ancient temple-perusing, and delicious-food-eating! We have put together multiple packages with different exciting suggestions that incorporate what the area has to offer.

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