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Grains & Spices


In our effort to help more farmers than just the one's whose homes we help convert to a homestay, we started reaching out to farmers in and around that area. These villagers grow food mostly for subsistence and keep what they need in storage for the whole year. 


They are particular about not using any chemical pesticides or fertilizers in their farms and grow very unique strains of grains and spices, with seeds for the sowing taken from the previous crop. Garhwal is more conscious in this respect than the Wayanad farmers.


Unfortunately the farmers are discouraged by the amount of hard work needed, pesky monkeys and pigs that ruin their crop and the lack of competitive prices. SaveAGram is trying to encourage them to continue farming, by helping them in distribution and offering competitive pricing. 


The products are packed locally and then dispatched to the well wishers who like us once hooked want more. 

Think Natural, Dream Delicious and Fragrant and Its Probably SaveAGram Grains and Spices! 


Melt in the mouth Himalayan Rajma, golden yellow Turmeric dried on roof tops, fragrant, delicate Dhania (coriander seeds), tiny seeds of Millets, Amaranth the power protein , fiery red Chillies, yum Mixed dals, .... seems like out of a dream.

At SaveAGram we dream of being able to get back some of the precious strains of grains and spices that are slowly being lost to GMO strains that require a higher amount of fertilizer and pesticide and lack the taste of these local strains. 

We are not a large commercial organic farm, but a small social enterprise trying to do the right thing for both our future generations of city consumers and for the farmers.  We only buy and sell during harvest seasons.

Please support this effort. 

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