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Arjuna's Trip of a Lifetime

Reproduced herein is a lovely article from the blog of a young teenager who visited us in Garhwal last year. The link to his blog is also below:

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city , deep in the lush and majestic Himalayan mountains lies a village called Rampur .

Thanks to a social enterprise called SaveAGram, that aims to preserve villages across India through home stays, a city slicker like me got the opportunity to spend a few days savouring the simple life.

It is just a 45 minute plane ride from the capital , New Delhi to a rural and sleepy city called Dhera Dun followed by a 2 hour car ride to Rampoor village . We were happy to breathe in the pure Himalayan air and enjoy the total lack of noise pollution compared to the capital which was the other extreme . Like most villages around the area , the entrance is an unpaved and rocky steep hill that only the physically fit would be able to climb with ease . Even though there are a few hundred villagers who have settled down here hundreds of years ago , the only sounds that I could make out were that of cows mooing and the relaxed movement of a nearby stream .

Our guest house- basic but literally spotless!

When we got to our guest house , I noticed how clean the village was with ladies constantly scrubbing their antique metal dishes or dusting the leaves away from the spotless floors . Our house was a basic mud house with two floors – the first level is where our hosts do the cooking and other chores while our rooms were on the second floor. The latter can only be entered by a steep flight of stairs from the outside. From there, you will set foot on the beautiful verandah that overlooks the mountains. To me, the mountains somehow look like stairs too , as each mountain is progressively higher than the previous one