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Wayanad: Typical Day
Wayanad collage.jpg

Here is how we'd like to spoil you on a not-at-all-average, average day in Wayanad:

6:00 AM: After you've been served your morning cuppa, you can greet the sun with Suryanamaskars or watch a spectacular sunrise light up the valley. 


8:00 AM: Join your hosts for a typical, Indian breakfast of freshly prepared steamed cakes aka idlis/puttu/iddiyapam and chutneys or dips. Round it off with another steaming cup of tea or coffee with milk (from the farmer's own cows!) to taste.


9:00 AM: Head out to enjoy one of the many activities our local SaveAGrammers can help you organize, or spend some quiet time catching up on your reading list. You could also just sit with the villagers and watch them go about their chores, give them a hand at pounding rice, drawing water or picking some vegetables for lunch.


1:00 PM: Savour a delicious lunch prepared using only the freshest ingredients most likely picked that morning, comprising of organic and indigenous seasonal vegetables and grains unique to the area. Eat with your hosts and savour the hearty, Indian flavours of a lovingly prepared meal.

2:00 PM: Resist the urge to nap; instead we would encourage you to take a trip to the game sanctuary, the river side. or the tribal school where you can spend some meaningful time with the children. (Or have that luxurious afternoon nap, afterwards waking up to a nice cup of tea.)

4:00 PM: Enjoy the sunset with a hot drink as the weather cools. Go for a walk with your host to the stream nearby, or take a walk in the fields and check out what vegetables you would like to have for dinner. Spend some time with the local villagers or pick some local fruits as you walk through the plantation. Play catch with the village children and watch them try to catch some fish for dinner.

8:00PM: All those slopes and hills serve as good appetizers, and you will be treated to another meal with your hosts, the quantities of which will ensure a good night's sleep in your host's humble home.  Watch the stars in the sky and listen to the crickets in the fields as you drop off to sleep.

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