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 SaveAGram Featured Village:  Rampur (Garhwal)

Accessible yet untouched, peaceful yet action-packed, trusted yet different - Rampur, in Garhwal, was an ideal village for us to begin SaveAGramming.


For our pilot effort launched in May 2014, we selected the tranquil village of Rampur, nestled in the lush, blue-green valleys of Uttarakhand. Getting in is as easy as a two hour drive up from Dehradun Domestic Airport, which is accessible from most major airports in India.

We chose Garhwal mainly because Garhwal chose us - its scenic views made us forget Instagram filters, its organic produce and ethnic grains made us re-evaluate “new age” hipsters, its adorable children speaking perfect English made us revisit our assumptions and most of all, its very real problems brought on by the floods made us forget our #firstworldproblems.


We were, and remain, beholden to its beauty- so if you'd like to come see for yourself, do get in touch with us to arrange your village stay and come share the wonders Garhwal has to offer.

"The experience with SaveAGram in Garhwal exceeded our expectations. From the warm welcome we got from the villagers, to the freshly prepared food, to the honest and genuine interactions we had with the village people, it was truly an out of this world experience." ....READ MORE >


Lata Balachandran, Singapore

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