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Garwhal: Activities

You're welcome to relax in your host's home until the next meal is ready, but you would be leaving the natural beauty of your village and all the activities it has to offer on the proverbial table. So with help of the friendly, English speaking guides (a.k.a. often local school children) and the resident SaveAGrammer, include any / all of the following activities to make your stay unforgettable.

White Water Rafting*

Get your adrenaline shot while in the Himalayas, white water rafting on the rapids on the Ganges. Whether you're a novice or a pro, these rapids will provide an enthralling experience and if the rafting doesn't take away your breath, the stunning views of the Himalayas certainly will.


Organised by a trusted partner, price includes transportation and an English speaking guide. Check with us on seasonal availability.

Temple trails.JPG

Ancient Temple Trails*

Uttarakhand is called the Land of Gods for good reason- the region is home to hundreds of small shrines and temples devoted to different deities. Visit one or more of these ancient wonders and give new meaning to the phrase all those who wander are not lost. 


Led by local children who get to practice their Ancient History as well as spoken English. These can be treks or drives depending on your distances



Something about Gaja's proximity to Rishikesh and its peaceful setting demands the need to get into downward dog. Practice your aasanas with the help of a trained instructor or fly solo to get yourself prepared for the rest of the day.


Complimentary yoga mats available on site. 



Mataji Devi Vanamali has made the Himalayas her home for the past 29 years. She has taken on numerous charitable projects for the people of Gaja, from supporting its widows to its school children. Noted author and inspirational speaker, Mataji has travelled across the globe to share her worldview. A visit to her ashram is always an uplifting experience.

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Wildflower Walks

You could follow the scent of the flowers or follow one of our mapped out Wildflower Walks to identify unique varieties of flowers growing unbashedly in the valley. Rhododendrons, peach blossoms, apple blossoms and carpets of daisy like flowers.


This is when you can whip out your DSLR and finally put that macro mode to good use.

August 2014 trips 411.JPG


Our guides have marked a number of trails for you to tackle based on your required level of difficulty (Just Getting Started, Been there, done that and Bring it).


Choose a time, day and level of difficulty and off you go with a guide. Our hosts can pack a picnic lunch for you too if you'd like to #treatyoself after a challenging hike. Contact your local SaveAGrammer for deets.


Local Community Tour*

Learn about what keeps the people of Gaja going and experience a first-hand account of what growing up in a village is like from our local SaveAGrammer. Tour includes a visit to the local school, picking seasonal vegetables and participating in the daily routine of the villagers such as milking buffaloes and preparing fresh rotis and delish dals. 

*Activities not included in the standard SaveAGram stay and to be paid for separately  in advance

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