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Green Gram Split/ Mung Dal (Without Skin) 1kg,500gm
  • Green Gram Split/ Mung Dal (Without Skin) 1kg,500gm


    100gms of Mung dal can give you 48% of your protein daily requirement.  Our certified organic Mung dal is from farmers in Tamilnadu 

    • Farmer's Note

      We source this organic certified product via SusAgri from the farmers in Tamil Nadu. It is advised to keep this in the fridge since it has no pesticides and with shipping from India, time taken to reach your table is a couple of months from harvest and can attract harmless insects. 

    • Nutritional Info

      A vegetarian superfood, it is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and therefore a part of weight loss diet plans. It has a high Iron and Magnesium content for vegetarian diets. 

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