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The Team: Meet the People behind SaveAGram


SaveAGram is founded on a desire to  preserve the unique lifestyles in villages by opening up this simple yet enriching culture to like-minded travelers who find joy in organic food, long walks, ancient art forms, and unfettered, scenic views. The founding team brings together people from Singapore, India, and the US who have a shared vision to make an impact through SaveAGram's unique mission. 

Amala Menon

With her passion for all things natural and organic, Amala founded SaveAGram to bring an awareness to the old and forgotten village lifestyle that benefits from all-natural construction,organic non-GMO produce, ancient,  dying cultural forms and a relaxing pace of life


Her vision is to empower villagers to be self reliant and feel a sense of pride in what they have.  

Prior to getting SaveAGram on its feet, Amala worked in a corporate role for nearly two decades and continues to consult for some business iin areas of leadership training, product marketing and process improvement.  She is a yoga trainer and nature care practitioner. 

Ground Support

We at SaveAGram could not do what we are doing without the support of an amazing team.  The Gaja location is supported by a team of school teachers who have set up a mission-based school in the mountains to provide quality education.

The Wayanad location is supported by a similar team that runs a tribal school in the area. We have also been blessed by guidance from Vanamali Ashram at each and every step.

Ninita Agarwal

Looking for an opportunity to add meaning to her life, Ninita's chance encounter (we like to think it was fate) with Amala led to her  becoming a core part of the SaveAGram team. Through this venture, she envisions being able to give back to those who have had fewer opportunities in life.

Ninita has lived in different parts of the world and had an early career in advertising. She joins Amala as a partner in the journey that is SaveAGram.

Our families, friends, and above all, our guests, are all a part of the SaveAGram family. Their unwavering support has kept the founding team going strong. Huge thanks to you all!

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