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Happy threesome from Singapore

Happy threesome from Singapore

One of our dearest supporters visted us in November 2017 and left with wanting to come again and again..... Thank you

Bluer than blue Verditer Flycatcher photographed by the extremely talented SaveAGram guest Kuntal Desai

SaveAGram guest Kuntal Desai captures the breathtaking beauty of a plum-headed parakeet

The Contemplative Mr. Desai

The young at heart Desai Family with Founding Member Amala Menon and SaveAGram guest Nalini

A long trek but everyone was having fun and enjoying the spectacular scenery

A beautiful, fresh water stream ten minutes from our home!

Mataji Vanamali with the group from Singapore and the team on the ground, after a talk on the spiritual call of the Himalayas

Lalli arrives in Rampur and in her words: ' At Saveagram! Village experience in the mountains! Eating homegrown food, drinking Spring Water. Exercise your limbs every bit of the way. Loaded by food and love and smiling namastes. Exotic grains. Luxury of sleeping with the door open to look up to see the rafters, waking to the wet trees and chirping of birds, in the two day rain. Had it all! Mooing cows, the village woman who constantly cleaned her yard.'

On the trek to Ghantakaran: The Singapore team seen behind Amala and our perfect and most cheerful guide, Parvathi from Garhwal.

SaveAGram visitor Sujata, as she takes over pounding the grains from the amused village girls.

Never done this before!

An edible, wild mushroom - yummy. We went wild picking them! We are Chinese and love mushrooms.

The energy is best if you meditate in the Himalayas and on the premises of ancient temples! Team from Singapore doing just that.

Sujata and Samir enjoy Rampur and pose for a picture.

To quote Sujata - "Peace and quiet A healthy organic diet Crisp fresh morning air Chirping sparrows & pristine ponds-so rare Green drenched paddy fields Colorful scarecrows used as shields Lush dense forests enthrall Mountain slopes rise and fall Warmth & radiance from the sun surround And from village folk all around Clear gushing streams which never stall Century old homes of wood & mud walls... Tranquility and calm In SaveAGram!"

Outside an old temple in Ghantakaran after a 3 hour trek!

Sam enjoys the fresh, cool water in the stream while our hostess Bimla looks on.

What a surprise when Parvathi ji whipped out a flask of steaming tea and steel glasses mid-way through our trek! Just what we needed. Such a sweetie.

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