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1. Livelihood for the villager - a Gateway to Village Life for You


We believe that there is a secret world out there, where time itself stretches out to enjoy the natural beauty of its surroundings. Villages are the ignored, dismissed, and forgotten gems of this world where organic food, traditional art or craft, an unhurried pace of life, and the warmth of the village folk live on despite the lack of a steady income source. SaveAGram is an effort to share with urbanites this hidden world and at the same time, bring a means of livelihood to villagers who otherwise have to throng to crowded cities in search of subsistence income.


Income is generated for the villager in whose home you will stay and additional income goes to the local taxi drivers, the guides and the village women for the organic  food that they can spare and sell to us. With the villagers' escalating excitement in being able to sell their produce, we hope to encourage them to grow more organic produce in the following years.


2. The Future of the Village Ecosystem - The Children

The village ecosystem is made of the villagers who are mostly farmers and the future we believe lies in ensuring that the children of the villages are given every opportunity of education and support. We therefore support a school in both regions 

We encourage our friends to sponsor one teacher at around Rs.100,000 at either school. This is about USD1500 a year. Or alternatively to perhaps sponsor a child for Rs.15000 ie  USD250 per year (The USD figures are approximations

Girijana Seva Trust (Wayanad) -  In Wayanad two very enterprising and dedicated people run a residential tribal school. They struggle to get good teachers and support around 300 children throughout the year. We from Saveagram facilitate and encourage sponsorships of the children or teachers here. We have got our kind friends to sponsor around 25 children and would like to see this to grow to atleast 100. 

Shikhar Scholars Academy (Garhwal) - Another two lovely individuals have started a school in Gaja as a day school. They charge a small fee of Rs.300 per month (Around USD4.00) per child. It is often not paid. They struggle to get good teachers since today a government school pays teachers way more.

Please contact us at for more information should you wish to sponsor. 

3. Organic Produce

The Indian fabric of villages support the needs of the country via farming. Traditionally these small farms used sustainable farming techniques that avoided chemicals. Today these farmers are also struggling to make a living.  


We are now encouraging farmers to grow more of their delicious, organic produce. We are trying to help them sell this, identify certification needs, provide support for infrastructure and know-how as required.

Do email us if you would wish to help in this area in any way...



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