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 Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle  of nowhere, you find yourself...  

Born of a vision to appreciate the upside of simple lives led in villages, SaveAGram (gram/ ग्राम  in Hindi means village) is at the happy intersection of a desire for impact, a sense of adventure, and the will to change.


Initially aimed at providing a stable revenue stream to villagers impacted by the Himalyan Floods, SaveAGram offers a unique chance to live the local lifestyle while enjoying  homemade meals and indulging in a range of activities the region offers (think hiking, a dose of yoga, rustic homes and ancient dance forms) and waking up in traditional village homes. 


In 2014, SaveAGram piloted this initiative in the breathtaking village of Gaja located in the misty mountains of Uttarakhand. Despite the magnificent vistas, organic produce, and ancient temple trails Gaja has to offer- it is the warmth of its people that will truly amaze you.


In late 2015, we expanded the SaveAGram experience to God's own country a.k.a Wayanad, Kerala. Be it the lush greenery or the lost and found art forms that bring you to Kerala, it will be the serenity of your surroundings that will make you want to stay on.  


Both locations are now inviting guests to come take a bite of paradise.

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